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About Me

Gert was born and raised in the artists' village of Laren, NH. He is autodidactic and has been an active and successful artist for years. Inspired by his always father who was always drawing, Gert has had a passion for drawing, portraying and imagining from an early age. Over the years, Gert's passion grew into talent, and he discovered the charm of working with color.

His current work shows the freedom of the creative mind, he allows compositions to arise while painting. With his irrational approach, he manages to realize a fascinating play of lines, surfaces, colours, movement and tension which keeps the viewer captivated and continues to fascinate. The vast majority of his work is of significant sizes. As a result, all of Gert's works have a powerful impression.

I don't have a pre-planned plan.
I set to work with only a pre-chosen color palette and a large canvas on the easel. Typical of my talent is that I will take up challenges with any canvas and material. During the creative process, a total image is created, layer by layer. And in the last phase, there are only marginal adjustments. This entire process sounds simple, but in practice, it is difficult and time-consuming.

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